Cheam First Nation Blockades CN Railway
A Blockade of Just-In-Time manufacturing.

Cheam Reserve | 11:25am Oct 3

Original Article- Heidi from IMC Thunder Bay reports from Cheam First Nation

Oct. 3rd, 2003 - First Nation blockades continue to spread as grassroots groups fight to protect their land and their rights. In an effort to stop the destruction of the Pilalt Territory outside of Agassiz, B.C., members and elders of the Cheam First Nation have erected a blockade of the CN Railway line. In addition to the rampant natural-resource extraction of fish and timber occurring in the area by multinationals, Resorts West is planning to build a Ski Resort on Mt. Cheam. The upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and consequently Whistler, means that there will be an overflow of skiers coming to British Columbia who will need a place to carve their upper-class holidays. Meanwhile, the health of Elk Creek, the only water supply for Cheam as well as the surrounding municipalities of Rosedale and Chilliwack, hangs in the balance.

There has been an ongoin stand-off between band members and as many as 30 RCMP. At least one train is trying to make it through the blockade. More details will follow soon...

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