Building a sustainable future for the people of West Africa.

Att: Keith McHenry

In October 2005, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) had the privilege of being invited to speak at the memorial lecture of the late worker of peace- MAHATMA GHANDI of India. The memorial lecture held at Lagos had in attendance speakers and progressives from all walks of intellectual and radical inspiring field.

Interesting however, was the message delivered by Mr. Keith McHenry, co-founder FOOD NOT BOMBS MOVEMENT who was on a visit from America to Nigeria.

The interaction that followed revealed the burning but passionate desire of Nigerian students to absolve the FOOD NOT BOMBS 'philosophies and efforts' and apply consensual approach to democracy and democratic decision making processes towards influencing a respectable social change, an unfailing democratic representation and service for public good, freedom, justice and a sharp move from poverty to prosperity.

The leadership of NANS having resolved to help expand the food not bombs movement is concerned majorly about the positive impact such a movement could help effect in Africa but particularly Nigeria where Africa is seriously viewed as an underdeveloping continent with vastly misapplied natural and intelligent resources and population.

Nigerian students through this medium wishes to extend her open invitation and mass support to Mr. Keith Mc Henry, co -founder FOOD NOT BOMBS, co-founders, members, supporters and donors as he leads the FOOD NOT BOMBS MOVEMENT on a tour of Nigeria with special visitations to eight higher institutions of leaning and a mass rally to herald understanding; speaking on non-violence and cooperation and helping to institutionalize FOOD NOT BOMBS with NANS, serving the African continent and delivering the continent from ineptitudeness, poverty, illiteracy, underdevelopment, huge debt burden, corrupt leadership, conflict and disaster.

The belief of the NANS leadership is that with over Thirty million membership strength potentially taking the leadership of the continent in fewer years to come, we are sure we can help facilitate, preach, participate actively and sustain the FOOD NOT BOMBS efforts in Nigeria, West Africa and our continent Africa. This can be done through networking with national student organizations across Africa.

Noting that NANS organizes programmes and sustains her agitations through meagre resources usually contributed voluntarily by members, we equally support and adopts radically non-violent intellectual and encourages consensual platforms. However NANS is financially constrained to support the tour except we get assurances of direct sponsorship and technical back-up to cope with the declining economy expectation of such laudable tour.

FOOD NOT BOMBS and particularly, Mr. Keith McHenry would find Nigeria and eventually the rest of Africa a place fulfilling challenges can be undertaken. We send messages of solidarity and support with ratified acceptance of the congress of Nigerian students for the planned tour and hope, after final consultations, our proposals for the event would be favorably considered.

With this, we look forward to welcoming Mr. Keith McHenry and FOOD NOT BOMBS MOVEMENT as you journey on for the African experience of liberation, solidarity and love. NANS hopes the effort would in the end be worthwhile, life saving, challenging and above all, result oriented......., an experience of hope to the people of Nigeria, putting foods on the table not manufacturing of bombs, where there is judicial justice and not jungle justice, where words of love not weapons are shared to brothers and sisters, homes provided and not asylum.

We welcome you to Nigeria forthis positive partnership.

Chairman, LOC

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