Philadelphia - June 16 -22, 2005

The updates here were made on May 23, 2005.


This June 16 & 17, 2005, come celebrate the 25th anniversary of Food Not Bombs with an international FNB Gathering in Philadelphia!

As the Biotech Industry lobby holds its annual international convention in Philly from June 19-22, the city will be abuzz with a grassroots convergence for non-GMO foods, biodiversity and global justice.

BioDemocracy/BioDevestation, a counter-conference planned for June 18-21, is being organized nationally by groups including the Institute for Social Ecology, Northeast Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NE RAGE), the Student Environmental Action Coalition, and Reclaim The Commons. Meanwhile, local Philadelphia groups are facilitating a Green-and-Black Urban Gathering for anti-oppression and earth liberation skillshares, an anti-vivisection conference for animal rights activists, and ... the 25th anniversary celebration of Food Not Bombs!

Philly's 2 Food Not Bombs chapters have reached affirmative consensus: We will host this international Gathering! On Thursday and Friday, June 16th and 17th, the FNB Gathering will consist of workshops. Throughout the entire counter-conference (the 18th through the 21st), we will also be preparing delicious foods for everyone who comes to BioDev, so Saturday through Tuesday will probably emphasize cooking, but may also have skill-shares, discussions, less demanding workshops, etc. So even if you can1t come before the weekend, you can still be a part of this FNB Gathering during the BioDev convergence! We are thinking about limiting the number of workshops on Thursday and Friday to eight, but are really open to input and whatever ideas and help come along.

Philly Food Not Bombs needs your help and COMMITMENT to make this Conference happen! We want to know what skillshares you would like to see, host, have ideas for, etc. We're both fairly new groups and are open to hearing from more experienced folks. We are looking for help acquiring massive quantities of food, cooking, fundraising, finding a lawyer, making/fixing bike carts, transporting food, and obtaining large-scale cooking equipment for our still-in-the-works kitchen (which we hope will be up and running by June). We are open to all kinds of input, so feel free to contact us by posting to the list we created at Please visit to sign up for the organizing email list.

West Philly FNB distributes and shares at 6pm every wednesday at 50th and Baltimore.

North Philly FNB shares sundays at 5 and mondays at 7, both in front of the free library between 19th and 20th street on Vine street.

Philadelphia website for the 25th Anniversary Food Not Bombs Gathering in Philadelphia June 17-21, 2005

Visit the the Biotech conferencewebsite to learn about the industry event promoting genetic and biological products.

Flyer for the 25th Anniversary Food Not Bombs Gathering in Philadelphia June 17-21, 2005

Article for Z Magazine The 25th Anniversary of Food Not Bombs
By Keith McHenry and C.T. Lawrence Butler

Links to more about the protests and the Biotech Industry.

BIODEMOCRACY 2005: Reclaim the Commons! Call to Action: Converge in Philadelphia, June 18th to 21st, 2005

National Protest Against the Biotech Industry in Philadelphia June 18-21, 2005 Organic Consumers Association

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