The updates here were made on July 17, 2008.

If your Food Not Bombs chapter is interested in seekinng money for cooking equipment, bulk food, large bike carts, the hosting of regional gatherings or other special projects please copy this questionnaire, fill in the answers and email them to us. We would love to help your local Food Not Bombs chapter when the funds are avalible. Your group can provide us with these details even if your chapter is not requesting funding as it can help provide an account of the Food Not Bombs movement. Copy the questions, fill in as much as you can and email your answers to:

Your chapter's mailing address:
Your chapter's phone number:
Your chapter's email:
Your chapter's website:
Serving days, times and locations:
Do you display a Food Not Bombs banner at your meals?
Do you provide free literature at your meals?

When did your chapter start?
How did your chapter start?
How many people helped start your chapter?
Where did your chapter share food when you started?
Where did your chapter cook when you first started?

Where does your chapter share food now?
Where does your chapter cook?
How many people volunteer with your chapter on a regular bases?
What is the age of your chapters youngest volunteer.
What is the age of your chapters oldest volunteer.
Highest number of women in your chapter?
Highest number of men in your chapter?
Does your chapter address issues of gender, class, race or age of your volunteers and guests and if so how?
How often does your chapter share free food?
About how many people eat with your chapter at the first of the month
About how many people eat with your chapter at the end of the month
What kinds of vehicles does your chapter use?
Does your chapter have meetings?
Has your chapter organized an event or concert?
What was the name of these events or concerts?
What are the names of bands and the type of music they played.
Does your chapter know of any Food Not Bombs songs?
Would you be able to get an original recording of the song?
Does your chapter share food a other events?
What are the names of these events?
How does your group make decisions?
How is the food collected?
How does your group organize the cooking and serving?
What kind of equipment does your chapter use and how did you get it?
What have been the biggest problems for your chapter?
What have been the greatest successes for your chapter?
What role has anarchist ideas and process had on the activities of your chapter?
What interaction does your group have with other Food Not Bombs chapters?
Has any one from another Food Not Bombs chapter ever volunteered with your chapter?
What chapter did they come from?
What interaction does your chapter have with other organizations?
Would your chapter like a $250 or $500 grant?
What would your do with $250?
Who should the check be made out to?
Can you provide me with flyers, posters, media reports, photos and videos of your chapter?
How does your group raise money?
What are your chapters future plans?
Would your group be interested in a large bike cart?
Would your group be interested in a 60 quart stainless steal pot?
Would your group be interested in $500 worth of dry goods?
Would your group be interested in hosting a regional gathering?

What interaction does your group have with the government.
Does your chapter have any permits?
Has your chapter ever been asked to show a permit?
Has anyone in your group been arrested while sharing food?
What were the charges?
Did anyone get convicted?
What was the penalty?
Has your chapter ever been the target of spying and extra legal government disruption?
Describe the surveillance.

Has any one in your chapter been to a Food Not Bombs Gathering?
How many went?
Was this a regional gathering or global gathering and where and when did it happen?
Would anyone your chapter be interested in attending a Regional Food Not Bombs Gathering?
Would anyone your chapter be interested in attending a Food Not Bombs Gathering?
Is there anyone in your chapter interested in helping organize a Food Not Bombs gathering?
Has your chapter hosted or participated in a Food Not Bombs tour?
Would you be willing to host a speaking event?
What other questions do you think should be asked and how would your group answer it?

Please complete as much as possible and email it to


Advisory Board

Leslie Swanson - co-founder of Food Not Bombs
Bobby Castillo - Native American Activist
Alex S. Vitale - Associate Professor Department of Sociology Brooklyn College and former Food Not Bombs volunteer
Emmanuel Rodriguez - Food Not Bombs in Monterrey Mexico

PO Box 424, Arroyo Seco, NM 87514 U$A

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