Stranja Folk Ensemble
Bourgas, Bulgaria
Stefan Chapkanov, Art Director
Lyuben Kasabov, Orchestra Conductor
Rositza Toncheva, Choir Master
Miho Atanasov, Dance Master
For more than 35 years, the Stranja Folk Ensemble has been preserving and exhibiting the folk songs and dances of southeastern Bulgaria.

Stranja includes a women's choir, an orchestra and a dance troupe. Their repertoire draws on the centuries-old traditions surrounding weddings, births and holidays in the region of Stranja, a densely forested plateau watered by the Ropotamo and Veleka Rivers. Stranja's signature is "Nestinarka," from Bulgari Village, but they also perform the fire dances which are native to this region.

Since its founding in 1965, Stranja has performed more than 3500 concerts, throughout Europe and more recently in America. They have been featured on many recordings of Bulgarian music.

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North America:
Keith McHenry
P.O. Box 32075
Kansas City, MO 64171 USA
Keith McHenry (
Stefan Chapkanov
8000 Bourgas Izgrev
Bl. 41A, Entr. 2, Fl. 2, Apt. 3
Stefan Chapkanov (

Direct from Bulgaria!
Stranja's one and only CD includes 21 selections of traditional Bulgarian music.

We brought a few copies back from a recent trip to Bulgaria, and are offering them for sale at $15 US, postage and handling included.

To order your copy, send a check for money order payable to Keith McHenry for $15 and your mailing address, to:

Keith McHenry
P.O. Box 32075
Kansas City, MO 64171 USA

To hear selections from Stranja Folk Ensemble, click the links next to the name of the song, below.

  Song Length
1 White Sea Thrace Dances   WAV (PC) |  AIFF (Mac) 3:45
2 A Lad Drank Wine   WAV (PC) |  AIFF (Mac) 2:36
3 Jana Has Fallen Asleep 3:03
4 Todoro, Todoro   WAV (PC) |  AIFF (Mac) 1:49
5 Song and Old Horo 4:39
6 How Many Are They, Mother? 2:01
7 Atanas Goes to Make a Living   WAV (PC) |  AIFF (Mac) 2:40
8 Fakia Dances 3:16
9 That Wretched Ginka 1:44
10 Dear Mamma's Sunny 2:54
11 I Went to the Spring Last Night, Mother 2:44
12 Stara Zagora Suite   WAV (PC) |  AIFF (Mac) 5:28
13 Zlatka, You Golden Apple 3:45
14 Dear Mother 2:14
15 Piece for a Solo-Pandore and Orchestra 2:49
16 Tarnovo Town is on Fire, Dear Mother 2:10
17 Dobra Sits in Her Little Garden 3:45
18 Alagin Dances 2:58
19 Dimiter Has Brought Barrels of Wine 3:45
20 Dimo Walked Down the Streets of Thessaloniki 2:12
21 Marinchitce You Dazzling Beauty   WAV (PC) |  AIFF (Mac) 1:29