New Mexico is the "Hungriest" State in America

In November 2006, the Food Assistance Nutrition Research Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a national study of hunger in America. The study showed that 16.5 percent of households in New Mexico repeatedly experienced "food insecurity" during the last three years, the highest rate in the nation. For more than a decade New Mexico has ranked among one of the five "hungriest" states, but in 2006 we have become number one in hunger. At the same time New Mexico will have a $720 million surplus but unless we orgaize it wont be used to end poverty. The federal government spends billions of dollars in New Mexico on the military yet our people go without food.

Our Democratic Senator Jeff Bingaman voted to increase military funding. Senator Jeff Bingaman's website proudly states "Bingaman also supported an amendment written by Senator Jack Reed to set aside $65.4 million for acquisition of new Predator UAVs. This will work to replace those lost abroad and ensure a steady production line into the future for the UAV our Special Operations forces rely on the most. ". The Predator Drone is one of the most unethical weapons systems ever created. Many inncocent civilians are killed by Hellfire Missiles that appear to come out of no where but are infact fired by remote control from Predator Drones that are directed by a computer mouse in a military base often thousands of miles from the victims. Imagine how much more secure the people of New Mexico would be today had that $65.4 million been spent to help feed our communities? The Food Not Bombs movement in New Mexico is responding to this news by working to make New Mexico one of the best fed states in the country.

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