Raytheon Weapons Inspections
8 arrested, February 13, 2003
Inspector attends press event February 11, 2003
Inspectors believe that some of the 1,200 Tomahawk missiles ready to be used against Iraq are armed with tactical nuclear warheads. The United Nations states that as many as 500,000 people could be killed or injured in the attack against Iraq.
Inspectors show images of possible weapons that might be armed with nuclear warheads.
Arial view of Ratheon Missile Plant.
Inspectors tell the media that as many as 800 Tomahawk missiles built in Tucson could be used to kill hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq. Raytheon also producted the Stinger missiles used by terrorist groups. Raytheon missiles carry depleated urainium which has cause many health problems.
Inspectors walk towards the main gate at Raytheon.
About 50 people joined in the inspection action.
Inspectors talked with Raytheon worker but the company would not allow the citizen inspection so 8 inspectors were arrested. They go to court on March 7, 2003.
Inspectors cross into Raytheon.
Inspectors are given a court date for criminal trespass section A 13-1502.
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