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These updates made on March 28, 2010

Housing is a right!
With home forclosures at an all time high it is time to resist. Start a Homes Not Jails group in your community.

Foreclosure notices went out to 2.8 million households last year and that figure is expected to top 3 million this year. Nearly 1 in every 4 homes with mortgages is "underwater," which means that the mortgage holder owes more on the property than it is worth. More than half of U.S. borrowers who received loan modifications on delinquent mortgages defaulted again after nine months, according to a federal report out in March 2010. The number of homes with mortgage payments at least 60 days late climbed 2.39 million in the fourth quarter, up 13.1 percent from the prior three months and 49.6 percent from the year earlier period, the quarterly Mortgage Metrics report said.

Every Food Not Bombs group can initiate a local Homes Not Jails chapter. Call a meeting in your community to propose the start of your new Homes Not Jails program. Homes Not Jails chapters have organized several types of actions. Your chapter can house homeless people in abandoned buildings, support families facing foreclosure by building a campaign defending their right to continue living in their home or organizing land occupations and protests. Make a list of all the abandoned buildings in your area and find out who owns each property. Forclosed homes may be identified by a sign on the building or listed on the web or at the tax office at city hall. You will find that many abaondoned buildings have no owners or that the ownership of the property is in litegation with title companies and banks. If you determin that the building is not owned by a family unable to maintain the property then visit the house during the day and put your own lock on the door. Then when you are sharing your regular meal ask people if they need a place to live. Once to have some people interested in being housed tell them to meet you at the address of one of the buildings you have secured at 9:00 Am in the morning. When the people needing a home arrive unlock the door and let them in. Bring cleaning supplies, painting equipment and tools to help them fix uo their new home. You can also provide them with a lease that they can show if anyone comes and questions their right to live there.

Another great way to help people facing foreclosure is to post flyers around your community offering to help familie stay in their homes. Organize a phone tree and email list of volunteers that are willing to join people facing forclosure. You can have a crowd of supporters greet the officials when they come to evict the homeowners. If the authorities are able to remove the family wait a few hours and help the family move back in. Your Homes Not Jails chapter can find a place to store the families most valuable belongings so they are not subject to damage. Let us know if you have started a local Homes Not Jails chapter so we can include your group on our website.

Americans are becoming desperate as they lose their jobs and homes.

The new San Francisco The Homes Not Jails Website

The Homes Not Jails Website
San Francisco Tenents Union Homes Not Jails Website
No Trespassing! Squatting, Rent Strikes, and Land Struggles Worldwide by Anders Corr

Facing Foreclosure? Don't Leave. Squat Marcy Kaptur of Ohio is the longest-serving Democratic congresswoman in U.S. history criticizes the bailout's failure to protect homeowners facing foreclosure. Her advice to "squat" cleverly exploits a legal technicality within the subprime-mortgage crisis.
ACORN Urges Civil Disobedience in Foreclosure Evictions

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