Cainta, Philippines Food Not Bombs Volunteers in jail since February
International Day of Protest February 14, 2007

International Day of Protest February 14, 2007 calling for the freedom of the 9 Food Not Bombs activists still in jail. Organize a protest outside the Embassy of the Philippines in your country.

Footloose punks become rights martyrs - December 10, 2006 The Manila Times

The international campaign for the immediate and unconditional release of the 11 Food Not Bombs volunteers illegally arrested, detained, and tortured in Buguias, Benguet is gaining headway with the creation of the Free the Sagada 11 Solidarity Campaign. Some of the captives are from Cainta Food Not Bombs.

We are asking all people to write to the minister of Justice and ask for their freedom. Arlene who volunteers with Cainta Food Not Bombs emailed us on December 6, 2006 that they are stepping up their campaign to free her her co-workers. She asks that everyone write the Minister of Justice as soon as you can. These young human rights activists have been held in jail since February 14, 2006. Please send your letter to:

Hon. Secretary RAUL M. GONZALES
D.O.J. Main Building,
Padre Faura Street
Manila NCR 1004
+063 (2) 526 2746; 524 8994; +63(2) 521 1614 (F)

To take more action to free the Sagada 11. Please visit this page.

From: fnb cainta
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 07:07:39 -0800 (PST)
Subject: SAGADA 11

i keith,
here's my update on the sagada 11 story.
Nov 8-10 3-day peace camp
We weren't able to produce a permit but everything went well. They were able to execute the protest, chanting, leafletting, banner dropping peacefully. Policemen was there but they were just ignoring the protesters. Different media groups were there like ABS CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer ( newspaper ), Northern Dispatch( a local newspaper in Baguio City ). Parents were at the protest but they showed up at the last day of the action. The last night of the camp, they had a film showing at one of the vegan restaurants in Baguio city, owned by one of the artists who had been helping the punks with instruments and other materials for gigs and film showing.

When i went there 2-3 weeks ago to bring goodies and toiletries. I could see hope and longingness for visitors and friends. That day a german punk called the jail and were looking for the highest ranked official in Baguio. But he wasn't able to talk to any police, only with one of the jail guards. And on that same day TFDP (Task for Detainees of the Philippines) went there to do a medical check up on them. TFDP has been helping them lately.

Three guys from Canadian Human Rights group visited them and interviewed them. These guys are with Atty. Dacawi (one of the sagada 11's attorney). I think that these foreigners are in connection with the CHRA and KARAPATAN. There were rumors that the decision will be released this December 2, that was like 5 days ago and until no reports or news about it. Last night Russel (one of the detainess) texted me that the prosecutor strongly believed that they are members of the NPA. Russel got the information from Jefferson's aunt (jeff is also a detainee). We think that it was just a false or bogus information. I haven't confirmed it yet. I need to talk to Russel's mother and confirm it first. Jefferson and Rundren texted me a few hours ago. They said that the prosecutor would release them early January if the punks won't file a case against the policemen. I told Jeff and Rundren that we have no assurance that these guys would release them if they won't pursue the case. But the final decision is definitely up to the punks 11 and their respective parents.

Right now Chris and I are back on the drawing board. We have to move fast because they have been there for so long that they are losing hope.

What do you guys think about the arrangement?

So far these are the latest updates i've got. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Thanks so much for the support. I hope you'd never stop supporting our friends.

love and anarchy, arlene

From: fnb cainta
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 02:19:57 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: SAGADA 11
I 'm arlene from fnb cainta, philippines. About the sagada 11, were you able to recieve my email last time? Some of the captives are from fnb cainta. They recieved numerous death threats from the military. I was thinking if you could help my friends by any means. There's a lot of things happening inside the prison. I 'll be going to benguet this may 19, and bring some goodies and some money. I was thinking if you could probably send a letter to the military so that they'll know that there are a lot of people who are watching and monitoring the case. and if something terrible would happen to these kids it will show that our country's social system as futile and useless as the people running it.. We want to draw attention and to spread awareness to the international crowd about this issue. Im hoping for your support. Thanks
fnb cainta, philippines

Eleven Filipino backpackers were arrested on February 14, 2006 while they were on their way to hike at Sagada in Benguet and they were accused of terrorism. Several of those arrested volunteer with Food Not Bombs in the Philippines and their friends and have asked the international Food Not Bombs movement to join them in working the release of the Sagada 11. Our volunteers are still in jail so Food Not Bombs is announcing an international campaign calling for their freedom. Volunteers have been asked to organize protests, write letters and call on local officials to request the Filipino government to release the Sagada 11.

"All the physical, emotional and mental torture done on them was primarily for the purpose of making them admit a crime which they never committed. Their torturers wanted them to admit that they were the ones who staged a raid on a military camp in Cabiten, Mankayan, Benguet on February 10, 2006. The New Peoples Army in press interviews and releases earlier admitted being responsible to the Cabiten raid. Due to the unbearable suffering they received, the eleven backpackers admitted all the charges against them. Finally, after more than a day of continuous torture, they were brought to the Benguet Provincial Jail where they are now presently detained. They were charged with Robbery with Homicide."
Manja Bayang of the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance based in Baguio City.

Free the Sagada 11 International campaign kicks off for punks tortured by police in Buguias Philippine Hackers Target National Police, Demanding the Release of the Sagada 11!
Mistaken arrests? Free the Sagada 11 Solidarity

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