This photo shows the effects of Raytheon's missile on a market in Iraq during the invasion of March 2003. Reporters say 64 people were killed in this bombing. Parts of the missile were made by Raytheon located in Tucson, Arizona. Reporters discovered Raytheon's name in the rubble. About 500 copies of the poster were wheat pasted all over Tucson in April 2004 as a protest to the companies role in the war on Iraq. The wife of one Raytheon employee happened to notice.

Raytheon folks doing something constructive
By Julia Pheifer SPECIAL TO THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR Someone is putting up anti-Raytheon posters in my neighborhood.
Yes Julia, we have been posting in your neighborhood.

Response to Julia's opinion
in the Arizona Daily Star

Solidarity with the people of Iraq - Protest Raytheon's Earth Day Festival

Raytheon Weapons Inspections

Predator Drones

CIA Expands Use of Drones in Terror War
"Targeted killing" with missile-firing Predators is a way to hit Al Qaeda in remote areas, officials say. Host nations are not always given notice.

Raytheon trial in Massachusetts

Raytheon's website

Raytheon products that help the U.S. Kill Iraqis

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