Organizations found in ADL files
The list below is from, Abdeen Jabara, "The Anti-Defamation League: Civil Right and Wrongs," Covert Action Quarterly, Washington, D.C., Number 45, Summer 1993. Jabara notes: "Categories and names are as they appeared in Gerard's and Bullock's files (except abbreviations)."


Act Now; ACT-UP; Action for Animals; Adrian 17; African Students Org./S.F. State; African Network; African National Reparations Org.; African People's Socialist Party; African People's Solidarity Comm.; African Students Org.; Africans United for Progress; AFSCME Local 3218 (Vice Pres.); AFSCME Local 3508; Alexandria Assoc. of Human Rights Advocacy; All Peoples Congress; Alliance for Philippine Concerns; Alliance to Stop First Strike; Alliance to Stop Police Abuse; Allied Printing Trades Council; Alternative Information Center; Amer-I-Can; American Civil Liberties Union; American Indian Center; American Indian Movement; American Indian Student Org.; American Muslim Museum; Americans for Peace Now; Anarchist Collective; ANC Meeting; _Ang Katipuan_; Anti-Apartheid Comm./AFSCME; Anti-Militarism Comm.; Anti-Racist Action; April 19th Comm. Against Nazis; Arab Baath Socialist Party; Arab Lesbian Network; Armenian National Comm.; Armenian Peoples Movement; Arms Control Research Center; Artists and Videomakers Against the War; Artists and Writers Out Loud; Artists Television Access; Asian Law Caucus; Audio Archives; Author of Measure J;

Babylon Burning; Back Country Action Network; Bad Cop/No Donut;Barricada Internacional; Bay Area Anti-Racist Action; Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights; Bay Area Friends of the Christic Institute; Bay Area Jewish Task Force on Cent. Am.; Bay Area Natl. Conf. of Black Lawyers; Bay Area Peace Council; Bay Area Peace Navy; Bay Area Reporter; Bay Area Times; Bay Area Vets Against War in Mid. East; Beebee Memorial C.M.E. Temple; Ben Linder Construction Brigade; Big Mountain Native People's Support; Bir Zeit Univ. Instructor; Black Consciousness Movement of Azania; Black Freedom Fighters Coalition; Black Men United for Change; Black Studies Department/S.F. State; Black United Front; Boricuan Popular Army for Puerto Rican Independence; Boycott Coke; Boycott Shell Comm.; Breakthrough; Brigada Antonio Maceo; Brothers of African Descent; Bulletin in Defense of Marxism;

Calendar Magazine (Gay); California Voice;Campaign Against Apartheid; Campus Peace Comm.; Canadians for Justice in the Middle East; Capp Street Center; Capp Street Foundation; Carpenters Local 22; Casa El Salvador; Casa El Salvador Mailing List; Center for Constitutional Rights; Center for Democratic Renewal; Center for Investigative Reporting; Center for Middle East Studies; Center for the Study of the Americas; Cent. Amer. Research Institute; Chair: Chicano Studies (U.C. Berkeley); Chop >Representative Government; Coalition of Black Trade Unionists; Commission of Inquiry; Comm. Against Lockheed D-5; Comm. for Academic Freedom in Israeli-Occupied Territories; Comm. for Equality and Justice; Comm. for Freedom in Argentina; Comm. for Peace and Democracy in Iran; Comm. for Perm. Israeli-Palestinian Peace; CISPES; Cistur; Committee to Free Geronimo Pratt; Comm. to Support the Revolution in Peru; Communist Party U.S.A.; Communist Workers Party; Communist Youth Brigade; Community-Labor Coalition for Social & Econ. Justice; Community United Against Violence; Continuing the Peace Dialogue; Contra Watch Newsletter; CounterSpy; Covert Action Information Bulletin; Covert Action; Cuba Resource Group; Cuba Information Project; Delta Sigma Beta; Democratic Society of America; Democratic Workers Party; Dennis Banks Defense Comm.; Diablo Valley Peace Center; Direct Action Against Racism; Doghouse Newsletter; Downside Records; Dykes and Gay Emergency Response;

Earth Island Institute; East Bay Women for Peace; El Centro de la Raza; El Tecolote; Emergency Coalit. for Palestinian Rights; Emergency Coalition to End War; Emergency Comm. to Stop Flag Amendment; Endorser of Proposition W;

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting; Fighting Back; Filipino East Bay Network; Filipino Organization Comm.; FMLN-FDR West Coast Representative; Food First; Food Not Bombs; Free S.A. Labor Comm.; Freedom for S.A. Refugees Campaign; Freedom for S.A. Refugees Center; Freedom Rising Africa Solidarity Comm.; Freedom Road Socialist Org.; Freedom Socialist Party; Friends of Nicaragua; Friends of Yesh Gvul; Frontline; Frontline Managing Editor;

Gay American Indians; Gay and Lesbian Labor Alliance; Global Exchange; Global Options; Green Giant Frozen Food Workers Comm.; Greenpeace; Group for the Critical Study of Colonialism; Guardian; Guatemala News and Information Bureau;

Harvey Milk Club; Hotel and Restaurant Employees Local 2;

ILWU Local 6, President; ILWU Local 10; INCAR; In These Times; Independent Grocers Assn.; Info. Network Against War and Fascism; Information Services on Latin America; Instituto del Pueblo; Interfaith Center on Corporate Accountability; Interfaith Task Force on Cent. Amer.; Inter-Hemispheric Education Resource Ctr.; Intl. Campaign to Free Geronimo Pratt; Internatl. Comm. Against Racism; Internatl. Indian Treaty Council; Internatl. Jewish Peace Union; Internatl. League for Human Rights/N. Amer. Chapter; Internatl. Socialist Org.; Internationalist Workers Party; Irish National Aid; Irish Northern Aid; Irish Republican Socialist Comm.; Israeli Foreign Affairs; Israelis Against Occupation;

Japanese-American Citizens League; Jewish Comm. on the Middle East; John Brown Anti-Klan Comm.;

KPOO Radio; KQED-TV Board of Directors; KUNA;

Labor Comm. on the Middle East; Labor for Peace; Labor Video; LAGAL; La Raza Coalition of Berkeley; La Raza Unida; Latin American Support Comm.; Lavender Mafia; Lawyers Comm. on Cent. Amer.; League of Filipino Students; Leonard Peltier Alliance Group; Lesbian Agenda for Action; Lesbians and Gays Against Intervention; Liberation Support Movement; Libros Sin Fronteras; Line Of March; L.A. Coalition Against Intervention in the Middle East; L.A. Observer; L.A. Student Coalition;

MADRE; Malcolm X Grassroots Movement; Mandela Reception Comm.; Maoist Internationalist Movement; Marazul Tours; Mariposa Peace Network; Marxist-Leninist Party; Media Review; Middle East Children's Alliance; Middle East Comm. for National Conference of Black Lawyers; Middle East Peace Network; Midwest Labor Institute; Mobilization Support Group; Modern Times Bookstore; Mother Jones; Movimiento de Agrupacion Popular; Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano;

NABET Local 51/Executive Board; NALC Local 14; National Alliance of Third World Journalists; NAACP; National Call to Action; Natl. Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays; Natl. Comm. Against Repressive Legislation; National Conference of Black Lawyers; National Forum of S.A.; National Midweek; National Org. of African Students in N. Am.; National Rainbow Coalition; National Response Comm./NBAU; National Student Cent. Am. Action Network; National Student Lobby; National Union of Farmers; Network of Arab-American Students; Network in Solidarity with Chile; New Afrikan Peoples Org.; New Alliance Newspaper; New Alliance Party; New Americas Press; New Jewish Agenda; New Movement in Solidarity with Puerto Rican Independentistas; Nicaragua Cultural Center; Nicaragua Information Center; Nicaragua Information Center Bulletin; Nicaragua Interfaith Comm. Action; Nicaragua Network News; No Apologies/No Regrets; No Business As Usual; No Justice, No Peace; North Bay Anti-Racist Action; North Star; Northern California Ecumenical Council; Now Magazine, Toronto (Canada); Nuremberg Action;

Oakland Education Association; O.C. Coalition for Peace in the Middle East; OCAW; OCAW Local 8149; October 6 Justice Project; Oregon Philippines Concerns Comm.; Out of Control Comm.; Outrage;

Pacifica Foundation; Pakistan Democratic Comm.; Pan African Movement of the U.S.; Partido Socialista Chileno; Partido Socialista Puertorriqueno; Partisan Defense Comm.; Patrice Lumumba Coalition; Paul Robeson Friendship Society; Peace and Conflict Studies; Peace and Freedom Comm.; Peace and Freedom Party; Peace and Justice Comm. - School Board; Peace and Solidarity Alliance; Peace and Solidarity Comm.; Peace Cafe; Peace Research Center; People Against Racist Terror; Peoples Anti-War Mobilization; Peoples Architecture Collective; Peoples Law Office; Peoples Park; Peoples Video; Peoples World; Pershing Plowshares; Philippine Organizing Comm.; Philippine Resource Center; Philippines Human Rights Lobby; Pledge of Resistance; Plumbers and Fitters Local 393; Portland Cent. Am. Solidarity Comm.; Prison News Service; Project Impact; Project National Interest; Public Eye;

Queer Nation; Quinn Defense;

Radical Film Collective; Radical Women; Rainbow Coalition; Rainbow Lobby; Refuse and Resist; Republic of New Afrika; Revolutionary Books; Revolutionary Communist Party; Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade; Revolutionary Worker; Revolutionary Workers League; Richmond Education Assn.; Roots Against War;

San Fernando Valley Peace Coalition; San Francisco Bay Guardian; S.F. Coalition of Labor Union Women; S.F. Labor Council/AFL-CIO; San Francisco Sentinel; S.F. Univ. Labor Studies; San Francisco Weekly; S.F. Women for Peace; SANE/FREEZE; Sardaraba; Science for Nicaragua; SEIU Local 535; SEIU Local 616; Serbian Unity Congress; Shell Boycott Comm.; Simon Wiesenthal Center; Sister City Assn; Socialist Action; Socialist Party Political Org.; Socialist Workers Party; Society of In'Ash El-U.S.A.; SOHRI Study Group (U.C. Berkeley); Solidarity; S.A. Forum; S.A. Freedom Through Education Foundation; S.A. Internatl. Student Congress; South African Workers Org.; South Bay Nicaragua Solidarity Comm.; So. African Liberation Support Comm.; Southern African Media Center; Spartacus Youth League; Spartacist League; Stevens, Hinds & White, Attorneys; Stop the U.S. War Machine Action Network; Student Cltn. Against Apartheid and Racism; Student Pugwash; Students Against Intervention; Students Against Intervention in Cent. Am.; Students for Peace in the Persian Gulf; SWAPO; SWAPO Meeting;

Tass News Agency; Teamsters Local 921, S.F. Teamsters for a Democratic Union; Technica; The Black Scholar; The Data Center; The Dazen-I Foundation; The Irishman; The Nuclear Resister; Third World Resources; Toronto Anti-Intervention Coalition; Trustee, IAM Local 565 (Sunnyvale);

Ubiquitous; Unified Against Genocide; Union del Barrio; Union of Democratic Filipinos; Union Publications; United Auto Workers; United Auto Workers, Local 119; United Colors; United Farm Workers; United Front Against Fascism; U.S. Anti-Apartheid Newsletter; U.S. China Review; U.S. Comm. for Friendship with the GDR; U.S.-Cuba Labor Exchange; U.S.-Grenada Friendship Society; U.S. Out of S.A. Network; U.S. Peace Council; U.S.-USSR Friendship Society of S.F.; U.S.A. Movement Banning Apartheid; Univ. of Calif., Berkeley; UTU Local 1730;

Vanguard Public Foundation; Venceremos Brigade; Vietnam Veterans Action; Vietnam News Agency; Villa Zapata Workers Comm.; Voice of the Uprising;

Washington Office on Africa; WBAI-FM (Pacifica Foundation) New York; Weatherman Underground; Witness for S.A.; Woman, Inc.; Women Against U.S. Intervention; Women in Black; Women of Color Coalition Center; Women of Color Resource Project; Women's Intl. League for Peace and Freedom; Workers World Party;

Yes on W Comm.; Young Koreans United; Young Koreans United of S.F.


Arab-American Democratic Club; Arab Book Center; Arab People's Coalition; Arab Relief Fund of Lebanon; Arab Studies Quarterly/Middle East Research and Information Project; Arab- American Univ. Graduates; Arabic Book Center; Bethlehem Assn.; Black Muslims; Comm. for a Democratic Palestine; Comm. of Correspondence; Council of Arab-American Orgs.; Dem. Front for the Liberation of Palestine; Democratic Palestinian Youth; Department of Near Eastern Studies; El Fatah; Family Sponsorship Project; General Union of Palestinian Students; Inst. of African-American Studies; Iranian Students Assn.; Iraqi Intelligence Officer; Islamic Jihad; Islamic Society of Orange County; Israeli Civil Right Assn.; JIFNA Association; Khilafah; Law in the Service of Man; Masjid Al-Islam; Masqid Al-Saff Mosque; Middle East Justice Network; Muslim Mutadhakkirun Assn.; Muslim Students Assn.; Muslim Students Union; Nation of Islam; National Assn. of Arab-Americans; National Lawyers Guild; November 29th Comm.; Occupied Land Fund; Palestine American Youth; Palestine Arab Club; Palestine Arab Fund; Palestine Democratic Youth Org.; Palestine Human Rights Campaign; Palestine Solidarity Comm.; Palestine Women's Org.; Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; Progressive Muslim Alliance; Sacred House of Islam; Union of Palestinian Women's Association


A Movement Banning Apartheid; African National Congress; All African Peoples Revolutionary Party; All-African Student Conference; Alternative Education (RSA) (SACHED); Anglican Church Bd. of Social Responsibility; Anti-Apartheid Comm.; Anti- Apartheid L.A.; Apartheid Boycott Campaign; Art Against Apartheid; Artists Against Apartheid; Bay Area Free S.A. Movement; Berkeley Anti-Apartheid Network; Canicor Research/S.A. Forum; Democratic Socialists of America; Dennis Brutus Defense Comm.; Evangelical Lutheran Church/S.A.; Free Moses Mayekiso Committee; Journalist LA Times (in S.A.); National Namibia Concerns; Pan African Congress; Pan Africanist Congress; Pan-Africa Congress of Azania; Prairie Fire Organizing Comm.; S.A. Ecumenical Task Force; S.F. Anti-Apartheid Comm.; South African Student Congress; Southern Africa Media Center; Univ. of Calif. Divestment Coalition

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Organizations found in ADL files

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