Food Not Bombs cofounder Keith McHenry has made several visits to work with local chapters in Africa. These three sites provide an account of his visits and photos of the work of Food Not Bombs. Food Not Bombs provides a unique way to seek an end to hunger in Africa. Each chapter is organized by local Africans that provide solutions based on the three principles of Food Not Bombs where each group uses consensus to make decisions, provides free vegan or vegetarian meals without restriction and is dedicated to nonviolence. In the past food aid was brought to Africa from outside often harming local agriculture and creating dependence on international NGOs. We believe Food Not Bombs is providing a new model that offers self relience. The groups in Nigeria and Kenya are seeking some funds to complete the registration of their groups with their naional governments. This is important in Africa to maintain the safety of our volunteers. As you can see reading the pages on each country events are moving quickly. Nigeria is facing a wave of bombings and an election. Political pressure on people supporting an end to corruption in Kenya that is causing millions to live in poverty and economic forces against peasant farmers in Ethiopia all point to a need to continue building a strong Food Not Bombs movement in Africa. Once they have the registration they will be able to continue raise money on their own with little outside support. Please make a donation at on our webpage. Any size contribution is helpful - thanks


You are invited to join Food Not Bombs in our work to make Africa's future bright.

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