This is the flyer we used to announce the protest in 2004. Keith McHenry helped organize this protest because members of the San Francisco Police had tortured him. At least on officer, Tom Gerard had been trained in torture at Fort Huachuca. An investigation by the FBI found that Gerard had worked for the CIA in El Salvador. The FBI discovered photos of Gerard standing next to a line of El Salvadorians with black bags over their heads. Keith is one of a number of human rights activists that have been tortured in the United States. On three occasions Keith survived a modern day version of the rack where the ligaments and tendons in his arms and legs were stretched and torn. After being stretched and beaten he would place nearly naked in a four foot by four-foot chain link cell that was hanging from the ceiling at the county jail. After three or four days without being able to stretch his legs he would be let out at 3 or 4 in the morning bare foot warring only his pants. Environmentalists, animal rights and peace activists and human rights workers in the United States are tortured more often than is commonly known. While torture is called Information Extraction by the instructors at the Army Intelligence Training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona the goal is not to get valuable information but instead is designed to frighten and harm people so they will stop their political activity. Pain compliance holds, swabbing liquid pepper spray in activists eyes, beatings, mad dogs, sexual harassment and painful prolonged hours being chained to walls are among the many ways activists are treated. The photos of Abu Ghraib have and Guantanamo Bay brings back horrible memories for people who have been tortured by the United States. An investigation into the wide spread use of torture by the United States needs to take place so this inhuman practice can stop.

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