Arrange a consensus desisionmaking process workshop with Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry

Thirty years experience using the consensus desisionmaking process.
Involve everyone in the desisions of your group and experiance meetings that can change the future.

The secret to Food Not Bombs' global impact is rooted in the decentralized inclusive desisionmaking process of consensus. Keith has over 30 years experience participating in meetings that use consensus. His workshop can help inspire greater dedication by your members and decisions that best reflect the desires and goals of your group.

Please consider inviting Mr. McHenry to speak to your community. Speaking fees are reasonable and donated to Food Not Bombs. Your community will find Keith's message hopeful, motivating and full of useful information sure to be an inspiration to everyone. If you don't have a local Food Not Bombs group in your community you will after Keith's presentation. If you want to increase the activities of your local chapter the presentation is a great way to get more volunteers.

Call Keith at 575-770-3377 or email Keith at to make arrangements. You can call us toll free at 1-800-884-1136. Keith will give a free presentation for any Food Not Bombs group. Please contact us for more details.

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Keith speaks in Bratsalava, Slovakia

Over 120 people attend Keith's presentation in Taos, New Mexico

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